Other Sendmail and Linux stuff



  • sendmail-FAQ.txt.    This FAQ can also be read in sections:
  • sendmail-dialup-masquerading-FAQ.txt.
  • sendmail-envelope-revaliases-FAQ.txt.
  • sendmail-unknown-domain-FAQ.txt.
  • sendmail-mailertable~DNS-FAQ.txt.
  • sendmail-virtuals-FAQ.txt.
    Please note that while the above FAQ's do contain sendmail.cf or
    m4-source code samples, these are somewhat dated, and from unknown
    sendmail.cf versions, so the right thing to do is to get the
    proper http://www.lege.com/proto.html
     cf/m4/proto.m4 patch!
    There you will also find finished sendmail.cf's under cf/cf/obj.
    In order to prevent your www browser from unpacking and displaying the
    below files, a    .bin    ending has been added to all the file-names.

    Simply re-name the file so the    .bin    ending is removed during the fetch!

  • ren.tar.gz.    Real cute for mass-renaming in a directory.    Safe too.
  • zapmail.tar.gz.    Clean off unnecessary email headers every night.    Expects lockfile from the procmail package to be installed.
  • /usr/src/hylafax-v4.0pl1/util/TextFmt.*.patch.    BugFix for HylaFax v4.0pl1 and older, fixes TextFmt 8bit problems.    Go to www.vix.com for HylaFax info!

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    Updated July 04, 1998